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Meet Bryan

Certified Professional Coach


Former Head Case

My Story

I was about to turn 25 and had just burnt out of my first corporate job. I was depressed, stressed, and mostly just completely drained. At the behest of my actor brother I signed up for an improv class. I enjoyed it so much I signed up for another... and another. Before I knew it it was a year and a half later and I was still doing improv. I had no desire to be an actor, I stuck with it because I realized I was integrating things from class directly into my real life that were making me a happier, more balanced guy better able to deal with uncertainty and all the better for it.

If this stuff could work for a guy who's previous resting state was Defcon 5, it could work for anyone. So Self-IMPROVment was born. And now, six years and hundreds of participants later, I am more dedicated than ever to sharing the thinking strategies that changed my life through the medium that started it all.


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If you are interested in learning how Self-IMPROVment can transform your business, simultaneously raising revenue and creating a more vibrant, engaged company culture, send us an email and we will be in touch to set up a time to speak in detail.

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