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To teach sales professionals how to manage stress, succeed outside of a script, and build better relationships with clients


The Challenge

Sales professionals face unique challenges in their roles, often navigating high-pressure environments and demanding client interactions. The toll of this stress can lead to burnout and decreased performance, impacting both individual success and company outcomes.

With tools to regulate stress and create better rapport with customers, sales professionals can achieve greater success, reduced turnover, and increased company profitability.

The Solution

Through a combination of gamified learning, live application, and real-time coaching Self-IMPROVment helps sales professionals increase performance and reduce burnout through the development of core skills:


  • Adapting to uncertainty and navigating deviations from the script 

  • Regulating stress by conserving mental energy and focus 

  • Weathering objections and creating forward moving rapport with customers

The Return On Investment

Increased Closing

Salespeople with high emotional intelligence have a 15% higher close rate as opposed to those with lower emotional intelligence

Reduced Turnover

Sales representatives with high emotional intelligence have a 20% lower turnover rate as compared to those with lower emotional intelligence

Better Customer Relations

Salespeople who underwent emotional intelligence training saw a 31% improvement in the quality of their relationships with their customers

Faster Deal Cycle

Salespeople with higher emotional intelligence close deals up to 30% faster thanks to improved relationship-building skills

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If you are interested in learning how Self-IMPROVment can transform your organization and the people within it, send us an email and we will be in touch to set up a time to speak in detail.

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