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To teach marketing teams how to create a clear brand voice that build trust with customers and generates sales.


The Challenge

Modern companies and brands have to go further than simply offering a product or service. In order to stand out in this competitive landscape, companies need to be able to clearly communicate their value and values.

Without this clarity, companies will not be able to develop the trust with their customers that lead to sales and will miss out on on revenue and the ability to own their reputation in the marketplace.

The Solution

This iteration of Self-IMPROVment helps marketing and branding teams solidify a strong Point of View for their company. We make this value possible by:


  • Helping team members identify their companies unique values

  • Creating a strong voice and persona consistent with those values

  • Developing strategies for creating presence and materials that communicate these values

The Return On Investment

Increased Sales

Consistent presentation of a brand to consumers can see revenue increase by 33%.

Deeper Trust

Brands with a strong voice saw greater perceived transparency and trust from their consumers

Greater Authenticity

86% of consumers name authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands to support

Emotional Connection

Strong brands are better able to develop an emotional connection with consumers


Get in Touch

If you are interested in learning how Self-IMPROVment can transform your organization and the people within it, send us an email and we will be in touch to set up a time to speak in detail.

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