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for Recovery Centers

To teach patients tools that allow them to regulate stress and anxiety, successfully navigate uncertainty, and maintain their recovery by living a values-based life

Breathing Exercise
The Challenge
In today's fast paced world, many individuals are experiencing trouble adjusting to a world that is higher in uncertainty and deeply underserved with community involvement and support. As a result, rates of addiction, depression, and anxiety in both teens and adults has skyrocketed. 

At Self-Improvement, we believe that facing these issues CAN be a fun, interactive, and self fulfilling journey that will allow clients to navigate their mental health challenges and live a satisfying life.

In our workshops, clients engage in games, real-time skill application, and live coaching to develop tools around emotional regulation, values alignment, and recovery resilience.

Improv for Mental Health

Our Focus

We focus on helping clients learn how to:f

  • Navigate uncertainty and increase adaptivity

  • Regulate stress and anxiety via conserving mental energy

  • Consciously identify personal values to live a more purposeful life life and

The Benefits

Reduction In Symptoms

The ability to control ruminating thoughts has been shown to ease symptoms of stress and anxiety and help cultivate relaxation and joy

Lower Rate of Relapse

Studies have shown that the enhancement of emotional regulation skills is a key factor in many therapeutic interventions for addiction

Increased Resilience

Resilience is associated with emotional stability, as resilient individuals are adept at navigating challenges, potentially lowering their stress and anxiety levels.

Greater Life Satisfaction

Individuals experiencing value-based happiness have a greater sense of meaning and purpose, negating mental health symptoms and contributing to recovery. 

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